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Solo-x is an avant-gadre industrial/electronic force that blurs the line between art, music, poetry, destruction & transformation.  Solo-X is the brainchild of the poet solo, beginning in the bowels of the seedy underbelly of New Orleans in 2011 to finding it's home in the grime filled streets of Los angeles in 2016. The veritable "Tarnish" joined on synths & samples in 2018, his joining has helped grow Solo-X into the explosive, in your face force that it is today. 


"From the moment Solo-X takes the stage you know you are in for a treat! The kind of experience that is rare in most live performances these days. From the attire (The dude wears a fucking gas mask!!) to the industrial influenced beats that make you feel like your living through all the things that inspired him to create this hauntingly beautiful sound that echoes in your head for days after the show! To be able to connect with audiences in this manner is a talent that most do not possess.  To experience Solo-X  live is like plugging yourself directly into the music & getting high of the energy alone!  If you're into electronic music in any capacity, you will find appreciation in what Solo-X is able to achieve."

Rotten Rob

Tripple Six Shooters,  Dallas

"Machine" is a masterpiece! I let myself get past the visuals...and experienced the music & sound effects.  I felt an isolation and alienation with the images, combining into a restless oblivion, as I pictured the souls of the living and the dead sharing their desperate need to escape"

---Dawn English---Author




Los Angeles, CA






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solo - Vocals, mastermind

tarnish - samples, synth

Hhex -hybrid drums